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The Internet is a wonderful place. Write about Theo Epstein and the controversy surrounding his attendance of a Pearl Jam show one day, receive a picture of the Red Sox general manager wearing a fake mustache at the concert in your email inbox the very next morning!

Mrs. Epstein sure seems to be onto our paparazzo, but you can't say the same for the lost Allman brother over on the right. Either Epstein is just a little too into his 738th time hearing Yellow Ledbetter or he's just sneaking a nap during one of his only down moments this year. 

(Are you happy now, Red Sox fans? Do you see how hard this man works for you? Not only does he have to borrow Dwight Evans' mustache to attend a rock show because it's on the same night as one of 18 Boston-New York games, he can't even stay awake to enjoy Stone Gossard's Mike McCready's shredding of the Alive solo!)

At any rate, as this old Sports Illustrated article notes, Epstein has attempted to go incognito at Pearl Jam concerts before. In 2006, he attended a show "wearing a fake mullet wig, glasses, a blue hat and a hooded sweatshirt so that he wouldn't be recognized." Epstein then revealed his identity  to the crowd after joining the band onstage to play Neil Young's "Rockin' In The Free World."   

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