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If you head on up to The 700 Level, Enrico and his boys have a couple cufftastic pics of Mets fans being detained at Philly's Citizens Bank Ballpark over the weekend. One of the young lads is wearing a Lenny Dykstra #4 Mets jersey in a city that also adores Nails, which led me to wonder the following.

Which team is Dykstra is most identified with? Which fanbase can lay more claim to him?

I think the right answer is to say that Dykstra is a Phillie. He played in Philadelphia for 8+ seasons, made his three All Star appearances in a Phillies uniform and finished second in the '93 MVP voting there. He was the face of the city's last World Series team and retired wearing that shirt. 

However, I can also see the other side of the argument. Lenny Dykstra might have never become "Lenny Dykstra" without the time he served in the circus atmosphere of Shea Stadium. He also actually won a World Series in New York and if that shirt and this video are any indication, he's welcome back any time he wants, even though he logged serious time with a serious rival. (It probably helps his cause that he was traded to the Phillies for the immortal Juan Samuel and didn't bolt as a free agent.)

So make your case and vote below — When you see Lenny Dykstra pushing his financial advice these days, which version pops into your head ... The menace on the '86 Mets? Or the power that pushed the '93 Phillies?

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