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Hey everyone! For the third time in three years, it's tiebreakin' time as the Tigers fight to save the entire city of Detroit and the Twins look to extend the life of a spirited stadium that everyone wants gone anyway! As game time approaches, Miguel Cabrera(notes) is in the lineup and saying that he made "a big mistake," Minnsota's Denard Span(notes) is calling the Tigers "chokers" and the Yankees are making everyone wait before they officially reveal that whoever wins tonight has to hurry to The Bronx to play Wednesday instead of Thursday. 

On the mound it's Detroit's Rick Porcello(notes) against Minnesota's Scott Baker(notes) and we'll be live blogging the festitivities starting at 5 p.m. ET. The game is on TBS and your live blogger lineup consists of yours truly, Dave "Answer Man" Brown and Scott Pianowski of Roto Arcade. A few surprise guests may or may not reveal themselves along the way. 

At any rate, we welcome all questions and comments, so long as you keep 'em coming and you keep 'em funny. It's about time we figure out the identity of that eighth team.

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