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I'm not much for season previews or predictions. Yeah, they're a lot of fun to make, but by the second batter of the season, they matter about as much as John Rocker in today's game.

Still, I felt like I should float a few picks out before the first full day of games begin. You know, just in case:

1) Anyone is interested.

2) Any of them actually come true. That way, I'll have linkable gloating when September and October rolls around. (More likely, it'll be easy evidence for my critics.)

As the headline suggests, I'm going against everything I hope actually happens and picking the Red Sox to repeat. For some reason, I just think they're in that territory of an extended run. They got over the initial hiccups of '05 and '06 and that lineup + the bullpen is ready to cement the team's standing even further. May God help the rest of the country. 

My expanded picks come after the jump, you'll notice that I have the Yankees missing the playoffs in the stadium's final season, the Rockies failing to stage another National League coup and the Cubs making the playoffs but failing to end their 99 (and soon to be 100) year title-free streak. (All of those storylines would have been way too easy.)

American League 

AL East: Boston Red Sox

AL Central: Cleveland Indians

AL West: Los Angeles Angels

AL wild card: Detroit Tigers  

National League

NL East: New York Mets

NL Central: Chicago Cubs

NL West: Arizona Diamondbacks

NL wild card: Philadelphia Phillies

Divisional series

AL — Red Sox over Tigers, Indians over Angels

NL — Mets over Cubs, Phillies over D'backs

Championship series

AL — Red Sox over Indians

NL — Phillies over Mets

World Series

Red Sox over Phillies

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