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The addition hasn't received a lot of media attention, but Major League Baseball has a new investigations department this year. The arm was recommended by Sen. George Mitchell and is headed by Dan Mullin and George Hanna, two former league security officials. They're under orders to investigate anything baseball-related, from suspected clubhouse drug use to the shady dudes who tell impressionable women that they're on the Braves in order to sleep with them.

It's all in this interesting AP article and, aside from the fact they wouldn't disclose which player on which team some woman thought she was engaged to, there's one part that particularly stood out.

Apparently they think we bloggers are supplementing our paltry salaries by selling supplements on the side. 

Don't believe me? Just take a look at two of the quotes provided by Sherlock and Watson here.

“We want to go outside of baseball and want to find out who’s supplying to these kids,” Hanna said. “That’s what we’ll do through a lot of our law-enforcement contacts, just to check who they’re looking at that is supplying to professional athletes.”

And exactly where are they looking themselves?

“We’re monitoring Web sites and blogs and Internet pharmacies," Mullin said.  "There are a lot of proactive things we’re doing but going through garbage is not one of them."

Well, all I can say is that Bob Costas would be glad you're not going through anyone's garbage. That's usually the territory of evil bloggers like Will Leitch.

Yet what blogs are they trying to glean steroids information from? I'm pretty sure there's not a blog that keeps an accurate list of current MLBers who are juicing and if there is then I guess I'm not doing too good of a job running the Stew.

But believe me, if I was actually arranging shipments to clubhouses across the country, do they really think I'd be dumb enough to post about it here?

However, if they're looking for a few tales of the times I told girls on the South Side that I was Melido Perez or Scott Fletcher, I'd be happy to regale them with a few.

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