Big League Stew - MLB says yes.

Meanwhile, over at the Journal Sentinel, beat writer Tom Haudricourt quotes almost the entire post from Badger Blogger before saying he's heard nothing of the sort.

We'll see over the next few hours who's right about how Yost will be spending the team's off day in Pittsburgh — eating pierogis in peace or headed back to Miller Park to pack his things — but the whispers seem awfully loud to think that nothing is going to happen.

After a weekend sweep in Boston and Ryan Braun's comments that the team didn't "expect to win," this is the right time for owner Mark Attanasio and GM Doug Melvin to pull the plug on Yost. The Brewers are 20-24, in last place in the NL Central and already seven games behind the first-place Cubs. If now is not the time to shake things up and send Yost and his sometimes prickly tactics elsewhere, when is?

If you're looking for the official Stew stance, I'd say it's likely Yost is going to get his walking papers before the day is done. It was semi-surprising when he got called back for 2008 after the Brewers' collapse in '07 and Brewers fans haven't been happy with him for some time.  While he's not the one who injured Yovani Gallardo or signed Eric Gagne to a $10 million contract, he also hasn't done much to help his teams over those hurdles. He hasn't done much to prove that he should avoid the axe.

Plus, I'm going to go ahead and read a little into Haudricourt's blog post this morning and say that he knows something but can't go ahead and post it on his own hide yet. Otherwise, if there weren't at least a few kernels of truth to it, why would he post the speculation from a blog that rarely deals in sports in the first place?

UPDATE: Haudricourt just contacted a "reliable club source" who said he knows nothing of any plans to replace Yost. Haudricourt then goes onto rail about the "dangers" of the Internet, despite being the one to bring BadgerBlogger's report to a wider audience in the first place. 

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