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We provided the picture of Melky Cabrera(notes) doing the devil horn salute.

You did the rest.

Big League Stew's email inbox received almost 100 entries for our first photoshop contest and we had a heck of a time whittling them down. The crop was so good, in fact, that not even this awesome Spider-Man effort from Mark Singletary — complete with Betty White on the scoreboard! — could break into our top-three prizewinners.  

We had a panel of several Stew friends cast their votes and you'll find the winners below. The top-three entries will receive a print of their choice from Chris Speakman's Sports Propaganda series. (And a big BLS head nod to Chris for providing those prizes.)

But before we get to the lucky and talented triumvirate, let's review some of the strongest submissions that we received ...

* * *

Our offerings ride in on a white horse as Phillip Morton channels the Old Spice craze.

Meanwhile, Clark Boatwright looks at Melky's season line — .267/.327/.374 — and makes a statement through a recently concluded popular culture staple.

Then again, Javier Vazquez(notes) hasn't had the best season since being swapped for Cabrera and Cheryl assumes that Melky probably appreciates this. 

Everyone get your 3-D glasses out for Brandon Kurtzweil's Avatar effor. 

Nine years after he played his last game for the Atlanta Braves, John Rocker finally gets some teammate support (Zaki Edwards).

We got our fair share of music-themed ones, like this Ozzfest entry from Chris Tsocanos ...

.... or Melky playing drums for a Metallica and King Diamond jam (Rick Lewis)...

.... or going incognito among the KISS Army (Ryan Petzar).

If rock isn't your style, find Melky on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (David Cooper).

This one from Andrew Verchimak just slays me. Did he know there'd be a Halloween costume party when he decided to wear his Braves uniform into the bar?

* * *

OK, onto the top-three photoshops!

(Again, each will receive the Sports Propaganda print of their choice ...)

3. Melky of Liberty — Ben Stanton

2. Melky wins silver at the 1968 Olympics — BumSoo Kim

1. Melky Bonaparte — Brian Kennedy

Congratulations to all the winners, a very happy 26th birthday to Caberera himself (strange, right?) and a big BLS H/N for all those who took the time to participate.

We'll have to do this again, preferably sometime soon. 

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