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Announcing the winners of our World Series DVD contest

So how did St. Louis Cardinals fans celebrate their 11th World Series championship? Judging from the emails we received for our World Series DVD giveaway, they did a lot of yelling and screaming, a lot of hat and T-shirt buying and a lot of teasing of their friends who root for the Chicago Cubs.

But our contest specified that our three giveaway copies of the World Series film — on sale now! — would go to the most unique ways of marking the latest title. Everyone buys a hat and makes fun of the Cubs after a World Series title, but our three winners separated themselves from the pack by offering something different.

Click below to see them.

1. I figured plenty of Cards fans would immediately celebrate the championship on their own skin, but Anthony Guzzo of York, Pa., was the only one to send in proof. As a birds fan living in Phillies territory, Anthony was already representing with an existing "StL" logo tattoo. But he felt the need to add the Commissioner's Trophy and the dates of the World Series titles he's been alive for after the Cardinals won Game 7. (And, yes, he did wait for the win to become official, unlike this impulsive Rangers fan.)

Announcing the winners of our World Series DVD contest

2. Whenever a team wins a title, we always hear about their "fans around the world" who are celebrating. Well, despite being 13 hours and about 9,000 miles away from Busch Stadium, Josh Lovelace partied in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with his wife Carmen and a bottle of Sprite. "My Asian neighbors probably thought I was crazy," writes Josh, a missionary originally from Springfield, Mo. "But supporting the Cardinals is what I am all about."

Announcing the winners of our World Series DVD contest

3. Finally, there was one submission that really brought a smile to my face and got to the original spirit of our contest. It came from Joseph Taylor of St. Louis, who shares a tail-centric tale of how the rally squirrel's popularity ruined Halloween for his critter-obsessed son.

Announcing the winners of our World Series DVD contest"Living in St. Louis, our whole family was excited by the surprising Cardinals run to the World Series this season. The month of October was spent with many late nights the included pleas of "one more inning, please" ... Despite all this triumphant jubilation, there was one family member that was a little disappointed about one aspect of the Cardinals' crazy run to victory. My son Norman is a huge beaver fan. It is his favorite animal and choice of costume for Halloween for the last couple of years running, including this year. However, during trick or treating, he was constantly asked if he was the 'rally squirrel.'  After about the 10th house of explaining the difference in tails, etc., he declared that while he still was a huge Cardinals fan, but that he was no longer a fan of the rally squirrel. I couldn't blame him."

We can't either. For his patience and unwavering support of all things beaver in the Year of The Squirrel, Norman definitely deserves a copy of the World Series film in his trick or treat bag.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big BLS head nod to everyone who sent in an email — well, except for all of you who made fun of the Cubs. If you didn't win, remember that you can buy a copy of the 2011's official World Series film on or your local Sam Goody store (if they actually still existed).

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