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Five months after the Los Angeles Angels showed Carl Crawford(notes) the money, Halos fans did the same as he stood in the on-deck circle at Angels Stadium on Thursday night.

Only this time their offer was more than $100 million less.

Apparently still upset with Crawford's 11th-hour decision to reject the bid of Angels owner Arte Moreno and sign with the Boston Red Sox for seven years and $142 million, a few unidentified Angels fans showed their displeasure through a few wadded-up bills. With Crawford at the plate in the top of the 11th inning, Angels television cameras showed several $1 bills lying in the dirt near Boston's on-deck circle in the Red Sox's 4-2 extra-innings victory over the first-place Angels. It isn't known whether Crawford saw the cash, but he did strike out to end the inning.

Never underestimate the bitterness of the rejected — especially when the jilted one goes out and makes the rash decision of shacking up with Vernon Wells(notes), his .179 average and the $86 million that's remaining on his contract. (To be fair: Wells has heated up recently after a poor start to the season.)

From the Boston Herald:

"Everybody had him coming here," (Torii) Hunter sighed last night before the Angels hosted the Red Sox. "I had him coming here."

Though Crawford had the last laugh with a Boston victory, he did go 0 for 3 with two walks and a sacrifice bunt that he called himself in the sixth. Yes, a sacrifice bunt with the infielders playing in, runners on first and second with no outs and for a team that would sooner dress itself in blue pinstripes than waste an out with a bunt.

Considering that Crawford's average currently rests at .143, maybe Angels fans should currently be glad they're only into him for half a gallon of gas?

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