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Look out below! Fried cholesterol falling!

In the seventh inning of Tuesday night's 5-4 loss to the Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees left fielder Andruw Jones(notes) chased a fly ball into foul territory and came out wearing half of your brother's standing order at Hardee's instead.

Watch the play here

Yes, you read that correctly. Jones was not hit by a dropped beer. Not by some lost peanuts. Not even by a bouncing bag of Cracker Jack. He was hit by an ovation of onion rings.

What the ... ?

Ah, yes. The fella in the Yankees cap here tried to use his cardboard onion ring basket  to catch the ball from Jason Kubel(notes) and — surprise! — it didn't work that well. Don't laugh at his effort, either: Those Yankee Stadium onion rings aren't free. He probably lost at least $8.50 just counting those two flying rings in the picture up top.

[LINK: The top 10 new baseball concessions]

Luckily, Jones — who hit his 408th career homer earlier in the night — was able to manage a smile after dusting himself free of fried onion and reporting back to territory that was free of falling fast food. The Associated Press reported that a groundskeeper later came out with a trashcan and collected the debris.

Presumably, as Late Show writer Eric Stangel joked on Twitter, so that the Yankees and Steiner Sports could sell them as "game-used" for the low, low price of $299.

I'd keep an eye on eBay if you're interested.

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