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Thanks to a text message by Andre Dawson himself, the world is learning he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame wearing an Expos cap on his plaque.

Dawson, who was elected three weeks ago, had expressed a personal preference to enter Cooperstown as a Cubs player. Nothing against Quebec, he said, but Dawson's favorite seasons came in Chicago. He won the NL MVP with the last-place Cubs in 1987, his first season playing in Wrigley Field.

The Hall considers such wishes, but it also gets final say after weighing a player's entire career.

From the Chicago Tribune:

After attending the annual B.A.T. banquet in New York on Tuesday night, Dawson sent the following text to The Tribune:

"Hall will issue a press release [Wednesday] announcing that I will go in as an Expo."

Les Expos, not Da Cubs, as some argued should happen. (Chicago was supposed to get the 2016 Summer Olympics, too, consarnit.)

Ah, Gary Carter's plaque was getting lonely anyway.

Carter's Cooperstown cap has been the only one that bore a logo for the Expos, a franchise deleted (actually it was broken up and shipped in pieces to Washington, D.C. and Miami) by Major League Baseball.

Now, the memory of the Expos will continue at the Hall thanks to two players. Hopefully  Tim Raines will soon make it three. And it's not like the Cubs are hurting for representation.

The Hawk played his first 11 seasons in Montreal, followed by six in Chicago. That, above any singular accomplishment or desire, is why he's going to Cooperstown with the Expos.

Consider it a little justice for Montreal.

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