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Why is it that everyone decides to graduate and get hitched in June? I'm at the end of a five-weekend bender celebrating an assortment of both types milestones and both my regular life and checkbook  are begging for mercy.

(Written on every memo line: I better get this at least this much back when I walk down that aisle ... adjusted for inflation!)

Can't we realign these schedules so that I don't have to spend 85 percent of Chicago's nice days inside a banquet hall? Can we move them to, say, February, when there's absolutely nothing going on? 

Anyway, considering it's about to time to sit in my backyard and randomly light off firecrackers, I'll stop with that little rant.  Also, it's nice to see someone shirking that summer schedule for a busier, albeit an also more enjoyable, one.

As I write this, Josh Robbins is most likely in his rented Pontiac  somewhere in western Kansas (ugh), speeding to tonight's game at Kauffman Stadium. A resident of Los Angeles, Robbins is attempting to achieve what he says will be a world record by visiting all 30 ballparks in a span of just 27 days. He estimates he will spend over $3,000 in gas alone and plans to visit two parks in one day on three different occasions. (He already did San Diego-L.A. and will try for the Miller Park-Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium-Shea Stadium daily double.)

I'm scheduled to do an interview with Josh about halfway through his stadium sprint, but, for now, you can learn more about Josh's trip — which he hopes to turn into a movie — at his website,

There's also this news segment an Arizona TV station did with him that's worth a look.

After the jump, read an excerpt from the Thirty27 blog that focuses on the tricky swing from Los Angeles to San Diego to Denver:

"At Dodger Stadium, Josh was forced to make the most difficult decision of the trip so far. After nine innings, the game was tied at 1-1. With a night game to catch in San Diego, Josh decided that it was necessary to leave Chavez Ravine early. They stayed for a full nine innings, but were unable to stay to the end of the ballgame. With I-5 backed up, the two were still lucky to make it down to San Diego in time for the first pitch, but they did it.

"The team stayed for the full game in San Diego, and sprinted from their seats to their car after the game. The clock had started. Next destination, Colorado, for the Sunday afternoon game against the Mets. 1,079 miles. Approximately 13 hours to get there. Meaning they'd have to average about 83 mph in order to get there in time.

"I spoke to the guys twice during their drive. They sounded in good spirits, if not delirious. Bob drank Ken's remaining case of Monster energy drinks to stay awake, reportedly doing the majority of the driving through the night. Josh helped keep the pair awake by rehashing old stories about the Price Chopper Picketline days. They were working with their D material by the time they reached the state of Colorado.

"Josh called me in the top of the first. The last moments of the drive went something like this.... Bob pulled up to the curb, Josh ran and picked up his tickets from the window, ran back to the curb and gave Bob his ticket, and Josh ran into the stadium with only two minutes to spare, just in time to see Jose Reyes' triple to start the game. Bob parked and presumably missed the first few pitches, but Josh (the only trip member who will complete the entire 30 stadium journey) made it by first pitch."

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