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Thousands of miles from Sunday's Hall of Fame inductions, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre told an old story about umpire Doug Harvey.

Perhaps you've heard it.

In September 1992, Torre was managing the St. Louis Cardinals and Harvey was weeks from retirement. In previous weeks, Harvey had reminded Torre that he was his first major league managerial ejection — in Harvey's rookie season 30 years before.

Well, Harvey had an umpire's final request.

"He said to me: 'I'd like you to be the last one, too,'" Torre said.

An orchestrated ejection! Torre was down for it.

"I said, 'OK, we'll figure it out,'" Torre told Harvey.

Come September 16, the Cardinals were playing the Mets in Shea Stadium and Harvey was umpiring behind the plate. The Cards had a comfortable lead in the ninth inning. The time seemed right.

"So around the seventh inning, I yelled at him about a pitch — I figured I may not get a better shot at this thing," said Torre, who otherwise knew better than to argue with the umpire called "God" because he was never wrong.

"He came over to me and I had to explain what we were doing, because it certainly wasn't first and foremost in his mind," Torre added.

"Then I started arguing with him, and I said: 'This is it.' And he looked at me like, 'What do you mean this is it?' I said, 'Remember? You wanted me to be the last guy you threw out.' And he started smiling at me, waved his arm and said, 'Get out of here.'"

Harvey has told this story before — adding more details.

Via AOL Fanhouse:

When they began to argue, Harvey said, Harvey cursed, but Torre asked him to stop because Torre's sister, a nun, was sitting behind home plate.

Harvey said he complied with Torre's request by saying, "'OK, Joe, get the heck out!' And I ran him."

It's tough to imagine something like that happening today. I mean, are there any major league managers lining up to do Joe West a favor?

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