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MINNEAPOLIS — The shark officially jumped the apocalypse at Target Field after the New York Yankees held a Tuesday night workout in advance of the ALDS.

When answering a reporter's question about the Yankees not being favorites to win the World Series, superstar, millionaire and probable Hall of Famer Alex Rodriguez(notes) said the Bronx Bombers put the "David" in "David 'n' Goliath."

Yes, he said the Yankees are underdogs.

The Yankees!

Gotham has become the Second City, the Evil Empire has been overrun by the proletariat and Uptown has gone down.

Some betting lines might peg the Philadelphia Phillies as odds-on favorites to hoist the Commissioner's Trophy later this month. It's hard to disagree.

Also, the Tampa Bay Rays beat out the Yankees for first place in the AL East. The Yanks had to settle for the wild card.

But that's not the point.

The Yankees? As underdogs?

Oh, that's a good one, Alex!

Look, Mr. Centaur: The team with the grandest tradition, the best TV contract, the most opulent stadium — the most resources, period — can't be "underdogs."  

For crying out loud, God still owes money to George Steinbrenner!

You tell 'em, A-Rod:

"Well, you know, I said it down the stretch in September, all the teams that are in the postseason are very capable of winning a world championship. We have tremendous parity in our game today, more so than I have seen in my 15 or 16 years being at the Major League level. So that's great for our game overall. At some point every team in the American League has had their struggles and challenges and have had to deal with major injuries. But that's a good thing.

"I mean, for us to be David in this situation, I think, is great.

"The Yankees are always going to be somewhat favorites because we're the Yankees and that comes with the territory. It is something that we embrace and we like. But [if] they want to call us underdogs, we'll take that role."

He'll take it, he says. They'll take it — this up-'n'-coming, rags-to-riches, bunch of scrappers named the New York Yankees.

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