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ST LOUIS — In the immediate aftermath of the President's first pitch and AngleGate at the All-Star Game, we were all wondering if the pitch had bounced or not. New replays show a close call, but fortunately there's catcher Albert Pujols(notes) to happily clear things up for us. 

Let's go to Pujols' postgame press conference ...

Q: What did the President say to you when you shook his hand afterwards and did the ball bounce —

ALBERT PUJOLS: What are you talking about? He hit the ball right at my glove. He just told me, go get them and be blessed. I told him the same thing and that it was an honor to meet him.

A few questions later, for clarification purposes, of course ...

Q: Just to be clear, because it was difficult to see from the press box and the camera angle, did the President's pitch hit the ground, or did you scoop it up?

ALBERT PUJOLS: It didn't hit the ground. It was in the air the whole way. I scoop it up a little bit, but I think I was going to catch it in the air. It was a great pitch.

I'll go with Pujols' claim that he was able to save the ball from dirt, but "a great pitch" is where I draw the line. Revisionist history, how sweet is thy medicine ... 

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