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After going through a whirlwind media tour in New England this week, Adrian Gonzalez(notes) has returned to California. It's somewhat of a bitter homecoming as he'll soon be leaving his hometown San Diego Padres to move across the country to play for a Boston Red Sox team that will likely reward him with a lucrative contract extension next year.

But while he'll miss the Padres, the Chargers and the weather, Gonzalez says he's not feeling any guilt toward leaving the people he grew up with after being traded to the AL East power.

That's because Gonzalez said he "didn't have a choice" in leaving during a radio interview with San Diego's XX Sports (via Gaslamp Ball).

Here's what Gonzalez said:

"The biggest way to even comment to that is the fact that here in San Diego they never even made an offer and I was traded. So it wasn't like I left as a free agent somewhere else. It wasn't like I turned down a certain amount of money. So the two things is that I was never made an offer and I was traded. I didn't have a choice in staying or leaving. That's the two ways I can answer that."

Gonzalez neglects to mention that his agent pretty much gave the Padres the impression that there wouldn't be any hometown discounts granted and that any of their offers would be pointless. The Padres are far from the bad guys in this situation.

Still, Gonzalez's general point is taken. With his upper-level skillset and baseball's current economic setup, his career path was decided a long time ago by forces that are out of his control.

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