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In the two weeks since he's climbed aboard our happy baseball express at Yahoo! Sports, Gordon Edes has already contributed some memorable articles. From Skip Caray's funeral to Yaz's Exalted Status in Red Sox Nation, Gordon has already given us some good examples of the talent and experience he's bringing over from the Boston Globe. We'll be the better for it.

Feeling that he should have a proper introduction to readers here on the Stew, I sent him five quick questions as both a way to say "hey" and have an excuse to post this debonair photo of my new colleague. His answers are below.

(If you'd like an expanded, and a  little more "inside the industry" interview with Gordon, check out the turn he just took at Sports Media Guide.)

* * *

1. Welcome aboard, Gordon. Since you covered the Red Sox for The Globe since the end of '96, my first question is an easy one and one I'm sure you've already heard a number of times: Are you going to miss being an everyday observer of Red Sox Nation? What's your favorite memory from those nearly 12 years?

I certainly am going to miss having my front-row seat in the pressbox at Fenway. It was a great ride, and I was writing for an informed and impassioned audience, but I love the idea of picking and choosing off a national menu now. Favorite memory? Maybe Pedro's 17-K, one-hit game in Yankee Stadium in '99, followed closely by Dave Roberts' steal off Mariano Rivera and Bill Mueller's game-tying hit that followed in Game 4 of the ALCS in '04. Ted Williams at the '99 All-Star Game, Mo Vaughn holding court in front of his locker, Jon Lester winning Game 4 of the '07 World Series ... and on and on it goes.

2. Since you are no longer tied to one particular team and have the freedom to roam and report anywhere, is there any team, subject or topic that you're looking forward to tackling now that you're at Yahoo! Sports?

I'm looking forward to spending more time in the NL ... I cut my teeth in the NL covering the Dodgers and Marlins, and can never spend enough time in Wrigley.

3. When it comes to homebases for our Yahoo! baseball writers, Tim Brown is on the West Coast, Jeff Passan is in the Midwest and you obviously live out East. Even though your first two pieces were on the Cubs and Braves, do you expect to spend a majority of your time along the seaboard?

Yes, it would only make sense that I focus on that corridor...I expect to spend most of my time east of the Mississippi, though the job description is not bound by geography. But I imagine there will be a few slices of Ray's Pizza, pastrami and swiss sandwiches, and Acela train rides in my future.

4. OK, my final two questions are baseball-related: Which uniform will Manny Ramirez be wearing on Opening Day '09?

I think Omar and the Mets take another run at Manny, and he helps them open the new Shea.

5. And who's your World Series pick for this October (plus who will they beat?)

I'm going with the Cubs over the Angels, but I think it would be a great story if Tampa Bay could sneak in.

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