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The Yankees may have lost to the A's 4-2 on Thursday, but they still managed to add a positive contribution to their history books, turning the team's first triple play since 1968.

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Alex Rodriguez(notes) started the play in the bottom of the sixth inning, fielding a ground ball from  Kurt Suzuki(notes). He stepped on third to force Daric Barton(notes), threw over to Robinson Cano(notes) to get Ryan Sweeney(notes) at second and Cano then threw to Nick Johnson(notes) to get Suzuki at first.  

It was the Yankees' first triple play in 6,632 regular season games and the last one occurred so long ago that Atlanta manager Bobby Cox — then a 27-year-old rookie third baseman for the Yankees — figured into the June 3, 1968 play. In that game against the Twins, Cox took a throw from pitcher Dooley Womack after a caught lineout. He then fired over to Mickey Mantle at first to get Johnny Roseboro before he got back to the bag. 

Thursday's triple play also came a half-inning after A-Rod angered Oakland pitcher Dallas Braden(notes) by breaking an unwritten code of baseball when he jogged over the pitcher's mound on his way back to first after a foul ball. There's more on that episode here.

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