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Alex Rodriguez(notes) has never been known for his comedic timing, but that may change after the way he greeted reporters at Tampa's Steinbrenner Field on Monday morning. 

"Did anyone watch the Super Bowl?" Rodriguez deadpanned.

The quote rocketed around the universe via Twitter and helped A-Rod to kill the rumor that he had gone "ballistic" after FOX cameras spotted girlfriend Cameron Diaz feeding him popcorn at the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago.

"Absolutely not," A-Rod said when asked about the report that he was angry. "But five or six years ago I probably would have come out with some bogus statement."

Several reporters who cover the New York Yankees have already remarked that A-Rod seems more comfortable and more at ease. That would make sense and it's good news for those fans expecting a big year from the third baseman: He's healthy, there are no real controversies for him to deal with, he's buying a nice place on the Upper West Side and he's dating one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. All he has to do is look at spring training 2009 to know that things could be a lot worse. 

That A-Rod seems to be relaxed is good news for his image, too. So many of his public persona problems have been borne out of the awkward and stiff way he inhabited the spotlight. If he can stay loose and show that he can have fun at his own expense, I think it will do wonders to endear a public that has always searched for little clues that he's really just like one of us. 

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