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NEW YORK — It only took six seasons with the Yankees and 16 years overall, but Alex Rodriguez(notes) can finally call himself a World Series champion. The controversial third baseman is no longer among the greatest players to never win a title — sorry Ernie Banks, Dan Marino and Patrick Ewing! — and the relief on A-Rod's face was visible in the champagne celebration that followed the Yankees' 7-3 victory in Wednesday's Game 6 of the World Series.

After hitting .365 with six homers and 18 RBIs this postseason, A-Rod eagerly grabbed the Commissioner's Trophy and paraded it into the Yankees clubhouse. He appeared emotional when talking with reporters and cried while hugging teammates. He seemed more at ease with everything around him, the stress of playing under the Big Apple pressure relieved by bringing the first title to New York in almost 10 years.

A-Rod also even took time to cut loose in front of everyone, sharing a shot of an unidentified brown liquid with backup catcher Jose Molina(notes) and the ensuing scene with Kim Jones of the YES Network made every onlooker laugh. The Stew was right there and we noww present you with a shot-by-shot account, complete with captions the participants really didn't say!

"This commercial break is taking way too long. Don't they know we just won No. 27?"

* * *

A-Rod: "Oh! Oh! It's Jose Molina and he's carrying a large jug. Time to quench my thirst."

Kim Jones: "You sure that's a good idea, A-Rod? We're about to go live."

* * *

"That tasted terrible!  Take it back ... take it back!" 

* * *

A-Rod: "That iced tea you just handed me must've gone bad, Jose!" 

Molina: "What's with you and always ingesting things without asking what they are first?" 

* * *

"Woo! Whoa! Hoo boy!  My head, it feels light ..." 

* * *

" ... the back of my throat, it burns ..." 

* * *

" ... and I think I left my credit card at that last bar!" 

* * *

A-Rod: "I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit." 

Jones: "He just threw up in his mouth a bit!"

* * *

"I just had a brilliant idea: We'll get slices of pizza on the way home!" 

* * *

"Just let me close my eyes for a rest first." 

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