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Ballplayers wearing their uniform away from the field always looks funny.

What about ballplayers wearing their uniform while driving a car?

Much funnier.

Now, what about ballplayers wearing their uniform while being pulled over for speeding?

Funnier times a thousand.

That's what happened to Chicago White Sox designated troublemaker A.J. Pierzynski(notes) on Wednesday.

The Chicago Tribune reports that an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer cited Pierzynski for going 75 mph in a 65 zone on Highway 10. A.J. was on his way to Goodyear Ballpark for the Cactus League game between the White Sox and Cincinnati Reds.

And Pierzynski, known for his — let's call it — snarky creativity on the field, couldn't help but be a smart aleck when the officer noticed how the man he pulled over was dressed: Black baseball jersey, gray baseball pants.

"I've never been pulled over in my uniform and given a ticket," Pierzynski said. "(Wearing a) full uni was interesting. So I loved it when he said, 'Oh, you play for the White Sox?' I said, 'how did you guess?' Figure it out."

Was he wearing a Sox cap and spikes too? I can't tell from the story, but that's my mental picture. There's a commercial to be made from this.

Say, can you guess who blew the whistle on A.J.?

A certain tweeter named Ozzie Guillen:

"Aj pierzynski got a ticket coming to play the reds lol"

Hey, we might not ever have known about Pierzynski's alleged moving violation were it not for his big-mouthed skipper. Once again, God bless Ozzie.

Pierzynski tried, a little, to explain himself to the officer.

"(The officer) said, 'You know why I pulled you over?' " Pierzynski recalled. "I said, 'No, but ... I have a good idea, I guess. I was trying to get to the game so I won't be late. I play for the White Sox."

That's not going to get you out of anything, A.J. However, saying that you play for the Cubs will get you out of the World Series. But seriously, folks.

Pierzynski had other good lines about the incident, saying teammates would take up a collection to pay the fine if he had "let the cop taze me."

Can you imagine the charity possibilities if A.J. set up a taze-a-thon? 

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