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3-in-1: Ryan Ludwick makes a trio of highlight reel grabs in one inning

He tied a record held by many.

That's the cliche uttered every time a position player is involved in all three outs in a single inning. And it's true, it is a record held by pretty much every player to wear a glove in the major leagues. But I doubt many have tied it as impressively as San Diego Padres outfielder Ryan Ludwick(notes) did in the first inning of their 6-3 loss to the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday night.

Dick Enberg was a busy man that inning as Ludwick made three consecutive "Oh my" inducing grabs from his left-field position, robbing Carlos Gonzalez(notes), Chris Nelson(notes) and Todd Helton(notes) of at least basehits, and possibly extra bases, on each play.

3-in-1: Ryan Ludwick makes a trio of highlight reel grabs in one inning

The second catch, which is highlighted here, was certainly the most impressive of the three. A full-out diving back-handed grab moving towards left center on a quickly sinking fly ball. But all three had an extra degree of difficulty thanks to a strong wind that was making reads off the bat virtually impossible for outfielders early in the game.

Ludwick attempted to downplay the unexpected circus routine afterwards, but in doing so brought across the effects the wind had on his reads.

From the San Diego Union:

"Kind of weird," said the self-effacing Ludwick. "Actually, the first one wasn't a dive. If I'm gonna be completely honest, I broke back on the ball and, when the wind knocked it down, I came back in I kinda got my feet crossed and tripped over myshoelace. So it was kind of a flop."

Flop or not, Ludwick received a hero's welcome upon his return to the dugout, especially from manager Bud Black and pitcher Wade LeBlanc(notes).

Unfortunately, that's where the celebration ended for Ludwick. His night at the plate included three strikeouts and a popout with the bases loaded before he delivered an RBI single in the ninth.

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