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1. On Monday afternoon, I wrote a throwaway C-a-C headline that Rangers rookie Neftali Feliz(notes) was "just happy to be here." But on Monday night, Feliz showed that he was much more than just pleased as punch to be wearing a big league uniform.

In two innings against the A's, Feliz struck out four batters, hit triple digits on multiple occasions, hit 99 on most other and, oh yeah, broke out a 91 mph changeup. He's only 21 years old, so he'll most likely be stuck in the 'pen for the rest of the season.

Still, if he pitches like this the rest of the season, the Rangers just picked up a difference maker near the trade deadline without actually trading anyone. Is he the '09 version of '02 Francisco Rodriguez(notes)? We'll see. [Roto Arcade]

2. Speaking of heralded prospects, Baltimore lefty Brian Matusz(notes) makes his first career start tonight against Detroit (who will be debuting new starter Jarrod Washburn(notes)). Speculation around Charm City is that the callup of the 22-year-old might mean the departure of Melvin Mora(notes), who's been talking junk about manager Dave Trembley. [Baltimore Sun]

3. Here's R.J. Anderson with a smart take on what the "untouchable" tag for a system's top prospects really means. [FanGraphs]

4. Fun stat of the day: In three games at Citi Field, Arizona's Mark Reynolds(notes) hit as many homers (four) as David Wright(notes) has all season. [NYDN]

5. There are currently a number of positive things — 21, to be exact — that you could have told Royals fans at the beginning of the season to make them think it'd be a special year.  [Royals Review]

6. After hearing his call, I would buy a ballpark beverage from this man.  [Joe Sports Fan]

7. The most expensive beer in the bigs belongs to ... [NBC Bay Area]

8. If White Sox rookie Gordon Beckham(notes) maintains his doubles rate, he 's going to put himself into some pretty elite company. [South Side Sox]

9. While Tigers fans seem to be pleased with the Washburn acquisition and White Sox fans are mostly behind Jake Peavy(notes) coming to town, it looks like you can't say the same for Twins fans and the arrival of Orlando Cabrera(notes) from Oakland. Take a gander:  

"Trading for two months of a thoroughly mediocre Cabrera and sticking his measly .322 career on-base percentage in front of Mauer and Morneau is like handing someone trapped in the desert one glass of water and then walking away. Better than nothing? Absolutely. Doing something that you can point to as improving the situation? Sure. But in the grand scheme of things, useless. One glass of water won't get anyone out of a desert and one mediocre shortstop won't get the Twins ... well, anything." [Aaron Gleeman]

10. A random ranking of American League broadcasters that somehow stomachs Michael Kay on the YES Network.  [Lookout Landing]

11.  Joe Blanton(notes): One year later. [Phillies Nation]

12. Missed Manny Ramirez's(notes) BobbleSlam? Time Warner might give you $10 for missing such a life-altering moment. [Sons of Steve Garvey]

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