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Recession be darned. Scott Boras, like the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, just keeps on making money.

Tim Dierkes of did the actual figuring (which we supplement with photo and pithy commentary) and reports that SuperAgentScottBorasCorp signed deals worth $347 million this past off-season, at least once the Ivan Rodriguez/Astros paperwork comes in.

Of course, $180 million of that is for Mark Teixeira and lest we forget Willie Bloomquist's $3.1 million.

This doesn't even count the $41-million extension Kyle Lohse extension signed with the Cardinals in September. (Interesting. The Lohse extension happened in September, before owners could, say, meet in the off-season to discuss why $41-million extensions for pitchers such as Kyle Lohse might not be in everyone's best interests. Not that the owners would illegally collude and do such a thing.)

Out of work? Cut in pay? Credit topped out? Find a talent that Boras can turn into $$$$ and you're set. Sure, you probably need to either throw or hit a baseball to get a moment with him, but see if there's anything else he might need and give it a shot.

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