MLB unveils 'Cubbies' and 'The Burgh' uniforms for 2019 Little League Classic

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The Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates are getting a one day makeover at the end of August. On Friday, MLB unveiled new “Cubbies” and “The Burgh” uniforms that both teams will wear during the 2019 Little League Classic.

The jerseys will feature a color stripe across the chest with the team’s nickname for that day. The Cubs’ jerseys feature a blue stripe with lettering that reads “Cubbies.” The Pirates jerseys have a yellow stripe with lettering that reads “The Burgh.”

MLB is keeping some color in the Little League Classic jerseys. (Images via MLB)
MLB is keeping some color in the Little League Classic jerseys. (Images via MLB)

This is a departure from how Major League Baseball has handled the game in the past. In previous seasons, teams participating in the Little League Classic wore their colorful Players’ Weekend uniforms during the game.

This year, MLB decided to go with all-white and all-black uniforms for Players’ Weekend. The league decided to keep some color in the Little League Classic uniforms.

Both teams will have 2019 Little League logo patches on the left sleeves of their jerseys. On the right sleeve, players will have the opportunity to pay tribute to someone close to them who helped them make it to the majors. A patch reading “Thank you” will be displayed on that sleeve. Players can fill in a person’s name on that patch.

The 2019 Little League Classic will take place Aug. 18 at Historic Bowman Field in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Little League World Series is also held in Williamsport. The game will be broadcast by ESPN on “Sunday Night Baseball.”

Players, coaches and families of the 2019 Little League World Series are expected to make up a large portion of the crowd at the game, as are local youth baseball and softball teams.

In an effort to continue growing the game, players from the Cubs and Pirates will attend Little League World Series games before Sunday night’s contest.


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