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MLB preview 2019: Is this the year Tim Tebow makes the big leagues?

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Let’s be honest from the jump: Tim Tebow isn’t the biggest question of the 2019 baseball season. There are a lot more important things that will happen this season. But that doesn’t mean Tebow, who is trying to make the big leagues after two years in the New York Mets farm system, isn’t a compelling story.

Quite frankly, Tebow is the most famous baseball player there is these days. And, as we’ve learned the last decade, people are infinitely interested in Tebow, regardless of what he’s doing.

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This seems like an important year in the Tim Tebow Experiment. He’ll start for the Mets in Triple-A, one step away from the big leagues. It is completely possible that he reaches the big leagues at some point in 2019. Whether by skill or sheer popularity, we’ve hit the point where the Mets are understanding what they have in Tebow.

His overall numbers haven’t been Vlad Jr.-esque, but he’s at least shown some power and improvement — his .276 batting average and .336 on-base percentage in Double-A last season were big improvements from .226 and .309 the previous year.

So our team of MLB opinion-havers, pondered this question: What will happen to Tim Tebow in 2019? Here are our predictions/guesses:

Will Tim Tebow make the Mets in 2019? We offer our predictions. (Getty Images)
Will Tim Tebow make the Mets in 2019? We offer our predictions. (Getty Images)

More homers in the minors

I think Tebow will be a more comfortable and more confident hitter. That added confidence will bring more power as he cranks double-digit homers for the first time. Let's even say he'll be closer to 20 homers than 10 between the minors and majors. Unfortunately, the boost in production will only net a token September call up. That's because the Mets will be competitive and an outfield with Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, Jeff McNiel, Juan Lagares and Keon Broxton gives them a better chance to keep pace in the NL East. - Mark Townsend

Homer in his first at-bat in Triple-A and MLB

One thing Tebow has shown us is a flair for the big stage. He homered in his first at-bat in the Mets instructional league. He homered in his first minor league at-bat. He homered on the first pitch he saw in Double-A. So I’m going all-in on the Tebow first at-bat bandwagon. I say he’ll homer in his first Triple-A at-bat and his first MLB at-bat, which will come at some point this season. He’ll probably strike out like 12 straight times at the big-league level after that, but we’ll all remember the homer more than anything - Mike Oz

He’ll homer in the big leagues ... and then quit

He'll hit a major league homer at some point, because there's no way he's not called up. It's the Mets, and at some point this season they will Mets themselves into needing a player from Triple-A. I don't think he'll do it in his first at-bat, but somewhere amid the sure-to-be impressive number of strikeouts, he'll connect with one and send it into the seats. Once he does that, having officially "made it" in Major League Baseball, he'll immediately quit and return full time to analyzing football and speaking motivationally. A girl can dream, can't she? - Liz Roscher

The least deserving player in the majors

The way the Mets have treated Tebow, a call-up is almost assured in 2019. Even if the team experienced perfect health and found itself in the thick of a playoff race, Tebow would have been up in September. Since the Mets are one of the most injury prone teams in baseball, he'll likely be up sooner. Tebow might not immediately become the worst player in the majors once he's called up, but he will be the least deserving player to reach the majors based on merit. His numbers have never been good, but the Mets are insistent on moving him up the ladder because Tebow sells tickets. He'll probably hit a home run in his first major-league at-bat because that's how these things normally go. - Chris Cwik

He’ll be the most-watched man in the minors

Play a lot of Triple-A baseball and drive a lot of internet clicks. (Hint: He’ll be really good at one of those activities; so-so at the other. - Kevin Kaduk

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