MLB Podcast: Clint Frazier gets hosed, Yu Darvish's fake feud with Dodger fans & umps are mad as hell

Yahoo Sports Staff

Yahoo Sports' Chris Cwik, Tim Brown and Hannah Keyser are back with their takes on the latest news in baseball. But first - the Toronto Raptors are NBA champions and having a hell of a time celebrating this week. Chris asks, if you could pick one MLB player you want to see in a championship parade, who would it be?

They take a look at the Edwin Encarnacion trade and debate - Do the Yankees now have the best lineup in baseball? (02:30)

Yu Darvish came back to LA this weekend and faced the Dodgers. He insulted the fan base for getting there late and turned in a dominant start against them. Is that enough to put this feud to bed? (09:00)

Manny Machado vs umpire Bill Welke: Welke called strike three. Machado went nuts. Umps responded. Is this an overreaction by the umps? (11:30)

Tim shares his super coolest thing in baseball -- THE CYCLE (19:30)

The crew plays "Contender or Pretender" with some surprising tidbits from the season thus far. (18:00)

And as always, they close out the show with things they're worried about - and things they're sure of. Clint Frazier, Lenny Dykstra and gambling all make the list this week. (38:00)

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(Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)