MLB Podcast: Are the Mets just cursed? And the obligatory ‘fire the manager!’ rant

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Hannah Keyser, Tim Brown & Chris Cwik are back - this time with their takes on the forever ill-fated New York Mets.

But first, they share the coolest things about baseball this week, including Vlad Guerrero's hot streak (2:00), the surprisingly hot Twins (5:00), and the debut of the first-ever female to play in a pro baseball league (8:00).

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Then, with Chris off the grid all week due to the big move, Hannah and Tim attempt to fill him in on what the hell is going on with the Mets (12:00). They discuss ways to potentially fix the team with solutions that will never actually happen.

And as always, the crew closes out the show with things they're worried about - and things they're sure of.

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(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)
(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

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