MLB players said some really weird phrases at the All-Star Game, thanks to Jimmy Fallon

What was New York Mets rookie Pete Alonso talking about when he mentioned spreading jelly on an English muffin at the All-Star Game? Did Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw really say “scribble with the nibble” during an interview?

Turns out, late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon may have had a hand in that. Fallon and the “Tonight Show” team gave Major League Baseball players some weird phrases to drop during their All-Star Game interviews.

The players definitely delivered.

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While Kershaw’s comment is the most outlandish, CC Sabathia saying, “Don’t ask the milkman for steak,” is also up there. Fallon also managed to get a “Fever Pitch” reference out of Justin Verlander. Fallon starred in “Fever Pitch” in 2005.

The more alarming thing here might be how little attention most of those phrases got during the All-Star Game. Only Alonso’s picked up traction on social media. Just a handful of people talked about Christian Yelich mentioning turtles.

What do we make of that? Either MLB reporters are on to Fallon’s game, or they no longer bat an eye at the weird things that come out of baseball players’ mouths.


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