MLB pitcher incredibly keeps his cool as bald eagle lands on his shoulder

Let it never be said Seattle Mariners pitcher James Paxton is a man without poise.

He proved it Thursday as the Mariners were going through pregame pageantry in Minnesota, where the Twins were hosting their home opener. The home opener often calls for as much pomp and circumstance as possible. Enter a bald eagle.

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A bald eagle that, apparently, liked Paxton a little too much. During the national anthem, the eagle decided to leave its spot on the field and go land on Paxton’s shoulder. Maybe it wanted a better view?

All the props in the world to Paxton, who didn’t run away or get scared or anything like that. He kept his composure better than most. Check it out in slo-mo and think about what you’d do. Most of us wouldn’t handle it as well as Paxton.

Paxton was the starting pitcher Thursday for the Mariners. If he does well, who knows, he might have to get a bald eagle on his shoulder before every start. You know how baseball is with its superstitions.

(Fox Sports)
(Fox Sports)

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