The MLB pitch clock is already proving to be the best thing for baseball

This is The Morning Win. Here’s Charles Curtis.

As Manny Machado — who had the first violation of 2023 spring training — and Cal Conley (who got a third strike call to end a Braves and Red Sox game in a tie) proved, getting used to the pitch clock is on the list of things MLB players need to do quickly.

But beyond the quirks for batters and pitchers alike, one trend has emerged: It’s working.

As in, baseball games this spring are finishing much quicker. And that’s going to be HUGE for the game.

Per The Washington Post: “The average time of the first 19 spring training games was 2:36. The average time of spring training games in 2022 was 3:01 — or 25 minutes slower.”

You read that right. If that trend holds, you could potentially get home nearly a HALF HOUR sooner from a game. Baseball’s plodding pace will be picked up, one of the many rule innovations that will make the game faster and more action-packed.

Sure, it may result in some weird moments like a called strike three with the bases loaded, or a pitcher may forget to look at the clock (although how can you miss it with those numbers ticking down quickly?).

But once everyone gets used to the rules, the results are going to be there. Speedy games can only help a sport that needs it.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: MLB pitch clock is already proving to be best for baseball