MLB midseason review: Revised World Series picks

The Chicago Cubs might miss the playoffs and the San Francisco Giants might be the worst team in baseball. Those two things are both true now, but imagine if we told you those things in March. You would have called us crazy, among other things we can’t publish here.

Try as we might, baseball is unpredictable. We didn’t know Madison Bumgarner would go on a dirt bike joyride in Colorado. We had no clue Kyle Schwarber would be hitting .178 in July.

We don’t deserve a mulligan, but we’re taking one. As part of Yahoo Sports’ MLB midseason review series, we’ve allowed our experts to make a revised World Series pick. On Wednesday, we gave our surprises and disappointments from the first half.

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Now that we’ve seen each club in action, we might have a better idea of who will be on top at season’s end.

Here are our revised World Series matchups:

Are the Astros the best team in baseball? (AP Photo)
Are the Astros the best team in baseball? (AP Photo)

Count me as someone who has jumped off the Cubs bandwagon. Sorry, Chicago. I picked Cubs-Astros at the start of the year and I’m sticking with half of that. The Astros look like the best team in the AL by a large margin. I love how deep the lineup is and I love that they have the flexibility to get another starter before the trade deadline. The Nats have problems in their bullpen, but they’ll address those before they risk another early postseason exit. I love how long their lineup is and I love Max Scherzer. Ultimately, though, I think this is Houston’s year. (Mike Oz)

It feels unsafe to pick the Dodgers, especially since things can change so quickly in baseball, and knowing their recent postseason history. But they’re just pounding the crap out of everyone right now. Their offense could stand to be a little springier, but they can get away with it because their pitching is insane. They boast the best starter and best closer in the majors, not to mention several explosive bats. There are still a lot of games to go, but the Dodgers feel unstoppable. (Liz Roscher)

Cleveland will avenge last year's World Series loss. (AP Photo)
Cleveland will avenge last year’s World Series loss. (AP Photo)

I’m going to stick with my preseason pick, though it’s partially out of stubbornness. I’m concerned about both the Astros and the Dodgers, but I still feel good about my early choices. Cleveland appears to have hit its stride now that Edwin Encarnacion is taking his parrot for a walk more often. They are also healthy, which was a problem late last year. I would feel much better about the Nats if they actually went out and got a couple relievers, but I think the franchise realizes it has to strike now. They’ll get it done in a few weeks and everyone in D.C. will breathe easier. (Chris Cwik)

I’m not yet ready to admit I whiffed on a Cubs World Series repeat. I will definitely admit to missing on the Rangers coming out of the AL. Regardless, my feeling at this point is that Houston’s too strong to be denied, and is also well positioned to get even better at the trade deadline. It’s a scary thought, and it’s the reason the Astros are the team to beat in MLB. I think the Dodgers are similarly positioned in the NL. There’s just too much talent on these two teams to consider anyone else. (Mark Townsend)

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