MLB clubhouses are being torn apart by 'Game of Thrones'

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MLB players haven't come to fisticuffs over "Game of Thrones" yet, but certain teammates are avoiding each other. (Getty Images)
MLB players haven't come to fisticuffs over "Game of Thrones" yet, but certain teammates are avoiding each other. (Getty Images)

Major League Baseball clubhouses might see teammates engaging in trials by combat over the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” With the show rapidly hurtling toward its finale, MLB players are finding it hard to avoid spoilers from teammates, according to Jon Taylor of Sports Illustrated.

It has gotten to the point where some players won’t even sit next to each other on team flights because they don’t want to know what’s happening on the show.

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Joey Rickard and New York Yankees reliever Chad Green told Taylor just how difficult it can be for some members of the team.

“On the train [from Baltimore to New York last Sunday], certain guys didn’t want to sit next to certain people because they were going to watch it,” Rickard says. “They didn’t want to see their reactions.” Green, one of many Yankees into the show but who waits to watch it with his wife, ended up alongside fellow reliever and Thronesfan Tommy Kahnle on a recent flight as he cued up a new episode. “I was trying to shield my eyes so as not to catch any spoilers,” he says.

The issue extends past players like Green, who are caught up, but waiting to watch the show with their significant others. There are some players like New York Mets infielder Pete Alonso who are saving Season 8 of “Game of Thrones” for the offseason. Then there’s Orioles outfielder Stevie Wilkerson, who is still on Season 4.

If there’s any consolation, those conversations could come to an end soon. With the “Game of Thrones” finale set to air Sunday, there’s only one more episode that can be spoiled.

Baseball players — and regular fans — who love the show will likely rush to discuss those plot points immediately, so people waiting to watch the final episode will still need to be on high alert in the 24 hours or so after it airs.

But if that doesn’t happen, and trial by combat winds up being the only solution, it helps to know Aaron Judge — who would understand your plight as a fan of the show — might accept the call to be your champion for that battle.


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