MLB's new postseason spot takes aim at baseball traditionalists again

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At the start of the postseason last year, Major League Baseball rolled out its “Let the Kids Play” ad, which took square aim at all the fighting within baseball surrounding the unwritten rules and tradition. The message in the ad was clear: MLB’s young stars didn’t care about the unwritten rules. They didn’t care if their bat flips and their celebrations upset traditionalists.

MLB’s 2019 postseason ad, released Tuesday, has a different way of telling that same story — by contrasting the excitement of today’s game with years past. The ad, titled “We Play Loud,” inserts the MLB stars of today into old black-and-white footage of baseball games.

The ad stars the likes of Alex Bregman, Cody Bellinger, Ronald Acuña Jr., Aaron Judge, Juan Soto and Jack Flaherty, all of whom are playing in October.

What you get is a cross-generation look at how baseball has progressed over the years. It’s not as much a stinging indictment of the unwritten rules as last year’s spot. But it does send the message that this is how baseball is played in 2019, whether traditional fans like it or not.

And before you get mad about that, Mr. Traditional Baseball Fan, consider that’s not too bad of a message to send for a game that’s trying to court a new generation of fans and that has an exciting stable of young players who could be bigger stars with the right push.


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