Missouri sets limits for 2024 bear and elk hunting seasons

ST. LOUIS — The Missouri Department of Conservation is outlining the permit process for the 2024 bear and elk hunting seasons. Each step into the Missouri woods, guided by carefully crafted quotas and designated zones, promises an autumn steeped in the rhythms of survival and stewardship.

The Missouri Department of Conservation has announced that 400 black bear hunting permits will be available for the upcoming season from October 21-30, 2024. Additionally, MDC will offer five permits for bull elk hunting this fall.

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Both bear and elk hunting permits will be distributed through a random drawing, with applications open from May 1-31. Bear hunting will have specified zones and quotas, while elk hunting will be open in specific counties.

In 2023, nearly 6,000 hunters applied for 400 permits in the spring. Over the last three years, hunters have harvested a combined 32 bears. In 2023, three elk were harvested.

Hunters must be Missouri residents and at least 11 years old to apply. More details can be found on MDC’s website.

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