Missed opportunities led to Oregon State's failure

Mike Singer, Recruiting Editor
Beavers Edge

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Oregon State lost to USC 38-10 on the road in the Coliseum, and the Beavers had the opportunities to make this a much closer football game. Potentially, they could've even pulled off an epic upset with the amount of unforced errors that USC made.

But that's what separates a good team from a bad team - being able to capitalize on the opposition's mistakes, and Oregon State was not able to do that on Saturday afternoon.

"There were a lot of opportunities," Oregon State head coach Gary Andersen said. "There were 20 plays in that situation that we could look at and say what’s this, what’s that. There were opportunities with unblocked guys coming off the edges, unblocked guys coming up the middle, plays coming up a yard short. There were a lot of those. We have to watch the film.

"Offensively, we had many opportunities that we had to take advantage of. We left a lot of points out there and had many opportunities to score and be right in that football game but we weren’t. The kids battled and played hard but obviously we didn’t play good enough to make it a close game."

Oregon State's offense has been pitiful this season, and while there were good moments on Saturday, the Beavs obviously struggled putting points on the board.

"The offense was better," Andersen said. "But it’s still the same net result in the end. The score is what the score is. We had opportunities to kick a couple of field goals that didn’t happen. We had opportunities to finish drives in the red zone numerous times and just didn’t. We could move it between the 20s, but didn’t get points."

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Penalties were also a big problem for Oregon State, and many of them were head scratching decisions by the Beaver players. OSU committed seven penalties for 69 yards.

"We had un-opportunistic penalties that crushed us - where the down and distance were manageable, approaching red zone, and jump offsides or a flinch. Those penalties are obviously administrative penalties, which are frustrating. I can take the physical penalties like holding or P.I. The other ones that bother me, it’s fundamental to what I am and believe, is discipline.

"That starts with the coaches, in January, when you come back to school. That’s when you put the discipline in the program and educate the kids on what’s right and what’s wrong. So those are frustrating. We can do better. There were a couple out there. It is what it is."

Next up for the Beavers is a home matchup with Colorado this upcoming Saturday in Reser Stadium.

"We’ve gone through the gauntlet no doubt (to start the season)," said Andersen. "We’ll talk more when we go back Monday and I can look them in the eye. I told (the players) we have to keep fighting and battling."

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