A misguided Sacramento Kings fan comes to their home opener in blackface

Due to various influences, not the least of which is a presidential election featuring an African-American as incumbent candidate, we're becoming more and more aware that we're living in a society that is still quite comfortable with race-baiting. Certainly not more than usual, but because the underlying and uneasy themes are hitting the mainstream media more and more often the idea that things are all fine and self-aware has been shot to pieces.

This incident, we're guessing, is not an example of a narrow-minded person trying to make a misguided point. Just someone screwin' up, pretty badly.

Clearly a diehard Sacramento Kings fan, this patron decided to use the team's "Blackout" theme on Sacto's home opener as an chance to cover his entire face in black paint. Problem is, this appears to be a Caucasian gentleman. One that is probably unaware that covering a white face in black paint is still far from cool to say the absolute least. Via CJ Fogler's Twitter account, take a look at who was perched behind and in-between Kings announcers Jerry Reynolds and Grant Napear Tuesday night:

Eh, no. Can't do that.

Again, we can't imagine there was any malice intended behind this. Seats that close are usually reserved for season ticket holders, and it would be strange to place a season ticket-holding Sacramento Kings fan amongst the ranks of the racist as he cheers for a league like the NBA, which routinely is nearly 80 percent made up of African-Americans. If it were a "Silverout," sure, dress like you're in a Red Hot Chili Peppers video.

With this? Take a pass, as you pull on your black T-shirt that the Kings handed out. And if you're confused, consult this handy flowchart.

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