Misfits League of Legends jungler KaKAO replaced by Maxlore because of poor communication

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KaKAO won’t be wearing the Misfits jersey anymore (Lolesports/Riot Games)
KaKAO won’t be wearing the Misfits jersey anymore (Lolesports/Riot Games)

Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon has left League of Legends team Misfits. He’ll be replaced by former Team ROCCAT jungler Nubar “Maxlore” Safarian for the upcoming 2017 EU LCS Summer Split.

According to an announcement from the Misfits, the decisions was based on KaKAO’s difficulties communicating with the rest of his team:

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“Every role is required to contribute to a team’s communication system in order to succeed. We believe that poor communication was a big culprit in our losses. Despite his fantastic individual performance, KaKAO had trouble contributing to communication. While the staff and him tried their hardest to improve his English and in-game communication, it was not improving fast enough and we foresaw this problem continuing in the Summer Split. This meant we had to part ways with KaKAO.”

Misfits had a reasonably successful 2017 Spring Split, finishing second in Group A during the regular season and taking fourth in the playoffs. However, despite a strong start, they struggled to find wins as the season rolled on, going 1-4 in series during the last four weeks of the split.

Maxlore will be coming from Team ROCCAT, an organization that barely missed the playoffs with a 6-7 series record during spring. The British player had inconsistent showings, but showed promise on champions like Graves and Rengar.

In other offseason news, Immortals has dropped coach David “Hermes” Tu, Splyce has picked up a new head coach and analyst, and H2K is on the lookout for new investors. For more, head over to the Yahoo Esports League of Legends hub.

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