Mirza Teletovic hits a three-pointer, inspires Deron Williams push-ups (Video)

The Brooklyn Nets had a busy summer, adding proven veteran stars, a high-profile first-time coach, and enough payroll to buoy the economy of a small former Soviet republic. Yet, like many teams, the success of their major offseason additions may rely in part on the improvement and contributions of their role players. One such player is Mirza Teletovic, a 28-year-old, second-year big man from Bosnia. While Teletovic didn't play huge minutes for the Nets in 2012-13, he proved himself an adept three-point shooter with enough height to provide some potential value in the paint.

It is just the preseason, but Teletovic has clearly made an impression on his Nets teammates. In the fourth quarter of an eventual 111-106 preseason-opening win for Brooklyn over the Washington Wizards, Teletovic drained a three-pointer following a timeout (video via The Point Forward). In a somewhat shocking move, Nets point guard Deron Williams followed by doing three push-ups in honor of the basket. Or something. I frankly don't know exactly what's going on here.

On the other hand, it wasn't Teletovic's only highlight of the night. After the jump, check out his sweet follow-dunk from earlier in the fourth quarter.

It seems unlikely that any of the Nets' big-name players would do push-ups for a role player in a regular season game, but it's nice that they're all having a little fun. Or maybe Deron is just telling Mirza he'll need to do push-ups whenever he makes a basket in a big game later this season. All-Stars get to set the rules, I guess.

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