These mirror-image couples will make you do a double-take: 'We weren't looking for the one, we were looking for the ones'

No, you’re not seeing double — these two sets of twins have a love story with two times the romance, and two times the fun. Identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana found love with identical twin brothers, Josh and Jeremy.

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It all started when Brittany and Briana attended the annual Twinsday Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, in 2017. “There was a huge party for the adult twins and we were walking into the corridor, and here came this double dose of Prince Charming that we had seen earlier in the festival,” says Brittany. “We got our chance!” adds Briana. It didn’t take much convincing to get Josh and Jeremy on board. “Josh and I went to the festival hoping that we could meet some twins that we could relate to and then possibly date,” says Jeremy. “We weren’t really looking for ‘the one,’ we were looking for ‘the ones,'” he added.

It was a whirlwind romance from there, as Josh admits the brothers knew almost instantly that these four were going to be inseparable. “We had the discussion on the way home that we were going to marry these women,” he says. The two couples dated for about six months before the brothers popped the big question. “Josh and Jeremy had planned this whole thing out so that Brittany and I would think that we were showing up to the place of our first date, Twin Lakes, and that we were going to do a commercial for this wedding venue,” shared Briana. “When the director of the ‘commercial’ said ‘action,’ Josh and Jeremy each dropped to one knee and proposed to us at the same time.”

“And then we yelled ‘yes’ at exactly the same moment,” says Brittany.

The wedding was just as extra as their romance. The ceremony included twin ministers (twinisters, anyone?!), had the theme “Twice Upon a Time,” and took place at the 2018 Twins Day Festival. The wedding was filmed for the upcoming TLC special, “Our Twinsane Wedding,” which premieres Feb. 11. The couples also plan to do even more together in the future — vowing to live and raise their families together under the same roof — proving these pairs are truly in it to twin-it.



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