Minnesota, cutting all ties to Kevin Love, trades K-Love the octopus to Cleveland

Kevin Love can still sport his K-Love the octopus t-shirt in Cleveland. (Getty Images)
Kevin Love can still sport his K-Love the octopus t-shirt in Cleveland. (Getty Images)

If you needed further proof the Kevin Love trade is real beyond a newspaper ad announcing the deal, the SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium of all places has provided it in alternative ink form: an octopus.

The Mall of America's aquatic museum and the Greater Cleveland Aquarium swapped naming rights for  their giant Pacific octopi — with K-Love going to Cavaliers country and Ocho heading to Timberwolves town — according to a rather original press release sent to multiple media outlets Monday.

Keep in mind only the names will be moving, not the actual eight-armed creatures. And none of the three players the T-Wolves acquired in the Love trade — Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett or Thaddeus Young — are expected to wear No. 8, a jersey once held by both Latrell Sprewell and Michael Beasley, so Ocho may not stick in Minnesota. (Although, Wiggins has worn No. 8 for Team Canada.)

Trading K-Love naming rights will give SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium a fresh new start and naming flexibility in the future for its young octopus. In return for the trade, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium will be giving SEA LIFE Minnesota the rights to its Octopus name, Ocho. SEA LIFE Minnesota will most likely drop Ocho for a new name soon that will match Andrew Wiggins, the key piece in the trade. Sqwiggins, Iggy, or A-W are some of the names already being tossed around for SEA LIFE Minnesota's new athletic octo-playmaker. The octopus will also be working on matching Wiggin's skill set by practicing epic dunk skills with submerging his food with a 360 degree flair, and enhancing his defense by inking any potential opposition.

Was that a shot at Kevin Love's defense by Minnesota's maritime enthusiasts? Well played, considering Love said two years ago, "Not many people can say they have an octopus named after them, especially here in Minnesota, where I'm going to be playing at least for the next three or four years."

My vote for K-Love the octopus' new name, by the way: Inkola Pekovic.

(h/t CBSSports.com)

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