Mina Kimes wouldn’t mind Bill Belichick as next Seahawks head coach

The Seahawks did the unthinkable this week, ending the Pete Carroll era after a super-successful 14-yeat run as head coach. As to who might replace him, the only news we’ve heard so far is that Dan Quinn will be one of the candidates, so the team is keeping their search pretty tight.

The most surprising potential hire would be Bill Belichick, who just parted ways with the Patriots after 24 years and six rings.

Watch Mina Kimes on Jacson Bevens’ podcast discussing the Belichick as her top choice to replace Pete Carroll.

It sounds like an unlikely scenario, but Seattle won’t find a better candidate to fix their defense than Belichick, who’s continued to produce high-performing defensive units even long after his offense fell off after Tom Brady left.

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