Milwaukee Bucks' Larry Sanders dunked on -- twice -- by his toddler son (Video)

Milwaukee Bucks big man Larry Sanders emerged last season as one of the NBA's most gifted rim protectors, most feared shot-blockers and most effective deterrents in the paint. As he showed his Instagram followers this weekend, though, he's not nearly as fearsome when standing between his young son and a Nerf hoop:

That kid's going to be a real hit at next year's Sloan conference — provided, of course, he's wearing pants for his panel discussion.

Also, am I out of line in suggesting that perhaps the lack of pants here reduced wind resistance and/or increased quickness and vertical leap enough to allow young Mr. Sanders to throw it down on Pops? Essentially, could pantlessness be performance-enhancing? I'm not positive, but in the interest of blog science, I'll look into it, starting ... now. We'll see what sort of data this experiment turns up, but it could be a real boon for NBA players (or, at least, those of us who'd be able to write blog posts about the more gullible dudes on teams showing up for games without shorts on).

Hat-tip to FTW.

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