Millie Bobby Brown cranks 'things' up to Eleven

Rendy Jones

The following contains spoilers for "Stranger Things 2"

Things are never strange whenever Millie Bobby Brown visits NYC. The 13-year-old actress escaped from the Upside Down to visit BUILD Series to discuss the newest season of the blockbuster Netflix hit, "Stranger Things."

One of the first thing she talks about is her return to the character one year after the series kicked off. When asked if it was difficult to get back into the headspace of Eleven, Brown expresses, "I don't have to like get in the character anymore because Eleven is just me. I just need to try absolutely hard to get into the character as I used for season one but for season two it was easier for me."

One of season two's most unexpected yet most effective dynamics comes from the relationship between Eleven and Jim Hopper played by David Harbour. Hopper, who becomes Eleven's guardian and father figure has a significant role in her life since the events of season one. "Working with David is so great because he makes every scene so powerful," says Brown as she discusses acting besides Harbour. "I'm just sitting there, and I'm just looking at him, and I'm like, 'God. Let me try to be better.' No. You can't. I just have to watch him and he inspires me so much because he'll goes out of the box with a scene. I feel like working with him just made so many scenes so much more powerful and energetic."

Even when he's not a father figure on camera, Harbour is still a father figure to Brown off camera as well. Brown recalls one day when filming the final episode of the season and getting nauseous while shooting a sequence with Harbour.

"He was really sweet that day. I was really nauseous because we were on an actual crane high up and I was on an actual harness. So when I levitated, they pulled the harness up, I started screaming to a tennis ball, and I had to hold my nose up. After that, they yelled, 'Cut,' and I had to go outside and take a breather. Then I go back inside, and I do it again, and David was like, 'I have nausea bracelets that stop you from puking. Try this. This is really good.' And then he's like, 'Drink water.' And I'm like, 'Okay dad. Calm down!'"

For fans who follow the actors off the show, knows that Brown shares a close friendship with co-star Noah Schnapp who is also known for portraying Will Byers. "Noah is like one of my best friends. He's just so crazy. I cannot ever keep up with him," says Brown expressing her close friendship with Schnapp. One of the moments she shares is a fun little prank she pulled on him during school the cast had to receive in a trailer.

"I think that me and Noah are best friends most of the time. I feel like we nitpick it. He loves Clif Bars, so he emailed Clif Bar one day going, 'I love your bars.' So a full on box came to the school trailer. We opened the door, and the person said, 'This is Noah Schnapp.' I was like, 'Noah, somebody is here for you.' and he comes in and goes, 'It's my Clif Bars!' And Sadie [Sink] loves Clif Bars because they're vegan.' So they're ripping the box open meanwhile I'm like, 'I'm just going to pull a prank so when they go to lunch, I'm going to hide all the Clif Bars.' So when he came back, he goes, 'Millie! I'm going to steal all of your gum,' because I'm obsessed with gum. So he's like stealing the gum and throwing it in the trash. I'm like, "Noah! No!" Like we scream at each other. While our teacher is like, 'The Clif Bars are in the closet and your gum will be fine I promise you.' I feel bad for the teacher. She has to deal with six kids. Then afterward he's like, 'I'll come over to your house, and we'll go swimming or something?' And I'm like, 'Okay sure let's do it.'

At the ending of episode nine, fans witnessed the heartwarming romantic reunion between Mike and Eleven as they shared a long-awaited kiss at Mike's middle school snowball dance. Originally that kiss wasn't supposed to be until Brown flipped the script. "We weren't kissing at all. It was always Caleb and Sadie who had to kiss. We started to dance, and after when they were done with our shot, I looked at Matt, and Ross [The Duffer Brothers] and I was like, 'I think we have to kiss. I think Finn and I have to kiss. The fans are gonna be so mad if we don't.' And all I was thinking was 'Oh my goodness. They're gonna hate me. Like they're gonna HATE me!' I told them, 'You have the kiss, you don't have to use it, but I think for Eleven it needs to conclude like this.'"

After several minutes of discussion, Matt and Ross made to a conclusion that Matt eventually shouted before shooting; "MILLIE AND FINN ARE GONNA KISS."

"All of the 250+ extras my age [girls and boys] all clapping 'WOO!' And I'm like 'What is happening?!' So then we're standing there and dancing, and Finn is like a ventriloquist, and he's like, 'I'm coming in.' But that actually really helped because I don't know when he was going to time it cause all we cared about was the camera getting the kiss so we won't have to do it again. The Duffer Brothers just found that the other day that he said that. I told them to leave it in because it is a great story to tell."

Season 2 of 'Stranger Things' is now streaming on Netflix.

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