Miller Moss publicly thanks Caleb Williams for helping him develop at USC

The Caleb Williams era officially ended at USC earlier this week when the quarterback officially declared for the 2024 NFL draft, but that was a mere formality. A more interesting story is how various people of note reacted to the decision.

One person’s reaction is highly newsworthy: Miller Moss.

The backup quarterback knew, heading into both 2022 and 2023 at USC, that he would not be the starter unless a game was a blowout or Caleb got hurt. Miller Moss sacrificed multiple years of playing time in order to learn from the best — not only Caleb, but also Lincoln Riley as well.

Miller Moss finally got his chance in the Holiday Bowl last month. Caleb Williams was on the sideline, cheering on Moss and his other teammates. Caleb easily could have flown the coup and not bothered to show up one last time, but that’s not the kind of teammate he is.

Miller Moss publicly thanked Caleb for his support and guidance these past two years. That should put to rest a lot of conspiracy theories about Caleb not being a good teammate and USC players not trying hard for Caleb because they somehow didn’t like him.

Caleb Williams was — and is — a great teammate and Trojan. Miller Moss just said as much to the whole world. That’s a very important thing to establish heading into the offseason and the NFL draft.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire