Miller: 'No Reason' To Think IU's Involved In College Basketball Scandal

Stu Jackson, Staff Writer
The Hoosier

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The FBI's current probe into the corruption of college basketball recruiting has rocked the sport's world, getting the attention of coaches across the country.

It hit especially close to home for IU head coach Archie Miller. His older brother Sean, the head coach at Arizona, saw one of his assistants, Emmanuel Richardson become one of four assistant coaches - each from a different program across the country - get arrested on charges that Richardson paid players to come to Arizona. There was also speculation and concern for IU, an adidas school, after adidas director of global James Gatto got arrested.

However, Miller is confident IU has no involvement in the ongoing investigation.

"Obviously as a staff and myself have met with (IU Athletics Director) Fred (Glass) multiple times," Miller said Thursday. "We've talked about a lot of things and have no reason to think that Indiana's involved in anything right now. We're focused on the task so to speak at hand, which running the program was clearly defined on Day 1 with the expectations of doing things the right away. With that, we'll put that to bed."

In his opening statement Thursday, Miller refrained from commenting on the information and facts available to the public, but did briefly address Arizona given his connection to that program.

"When it comes to Arizona, obviously very prideful there with my family," Miller said. "I’ve been able to talk to Sean only one time, very briefly, to add my support."

Miller also assured he and Glass are on the same page and that the relationship with adidas will remain unchanged.

"Fred and I have discussed things from the first day, our conversation on the telephone. They've always been the same. Our relationship with adidas, not only over the course of his tenure, but my short tenure, has been great. We look forward to continuing it. But we have no reason to believe anything else."


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