Is Miles Sanders' current ADP legit?

Yahoo Fantasy expert Liz Loza explains why the Philadelphia Eagles' running back should be climbing up fantasy draft boards.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: So Miles Sanders is currently being drafted at the top of the third round in 12-team exercises, and the burning fantasy question is is that a legit spot to select him?

Well, let's talk about the player first. We know that Miles Sanders has great burst and he's very elusive, and those qualities were illustrated in his rookie campaign last year via his yards-per-touch average, which was 5.8-- top seven for running backs in that statistical category-- as well as his juke rate, which was top five.

We also know he's an excellent receiver. We saw him blossom as a pass catcher in his last year at Penn State. That leads us to questions about workload though, right, because from weeks 9 through 16 after Jordan Howard hurt his shoulder and was no longer on the field, Miles Sanders showed up and averaged nearly 15 carries as well as four receptions-- not targets but actual catches per game.

Now, Jordan Howard is in Miami. Darren Sproles has retired. Miles Sanders looks to be receiving 15 to 18 touches per contest in 2020 unless the Eagles draft a vet like Devonta Freeman, but that hasn't happened yet.

So, I know that he is talented. I know that he's going to see a ton of volume. Therefore, I fully believe that he can be a top-12 fantasy producer. And if y'all can grab him in the third round, good luck because I don't see him going past the second.