Mike Zimmer wins challenge, Vikes go up 7-0

Josh Alper

Vikings running back Dalvin Cook was ruled down short of a first down at the Eagles’ 5-yard-line on the opening possession of Sunday’s game, but head coach Mike Zimmer thought the officials made a bad spot.

Zimmer won his challenge and the Vikings got on the board a couple of plays later. Kirk Cousins hit Adam Thielen for a six-yard touchdown that put the Eagles up 7-0 a little more than seven minutes into the game.

It’s the third touchdown for Thielen since the start of Week Five and he also had two other catches for 25 yards on the drive. Cook had seven carries for 25 yards and wide receiver Stefon Diggs ran for 10 yards on a well-designed reverse.

The Vikings lost left tackle Riley Reiff for a portion of the drive when he limped off at the end of a play, but he returned after Zimmer’s challenge.

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