Mike Zimmer: We're not trying to reinvent the wheel defensively

The Cowboys will have a new defensive coordinator for the 2024 season, but they aren't planning on an entirely new approach on that side of the ball.

Dallas has ranked in the top seven in points allowed in each of the last three seasons and they made a change at coordinator to Mike Zimmer because his predecessor Dan Quinn landed the head coaching job in Washington. During Wednesday's introductory press conference, Zimmer said he plans to integrate things he's done in the past into what the team has done before in order to maintain the success of recent years.

"We're not trying to reinvent the wheel here," Zimmer said. "I mean, they've been pretty good. I've been in some situations where things that haven't happened, but that happens in coaching. It happens a lot. We're going to look at the players, try to figure out the best way to use them, put the scheme together and, again, we want to take the good things that they've done and maybe add a few more other things we've done good in the past."

Zimmer did not detail what he has in mind for players like Micah Parsons because he said he wants to finalize the rest of the staff and speak to the players before making any kind of statements about those plans, but it doesn't look like the Cowboys should be doing anything radically different under their new management.