Mike Vrabel requires Titans’ assistants to spend offseason time with family

Michael David Smith

Football coaches work long hours, but Titans coach Mike Vrabel has a rule for his assistants: Don’t miss family events for offseason work.

Vrabel noted that while it’s impossible to be at everything during the season when you’re working a football coach’s schedule, he tells his assistants they need to make family time in the offseason.

“I tell our staff that we work too much during the season for any of our guys to miss something that their family has in the offseason. That’s not healthy for their families,” Vrabel told ESPN. “It’s not healthy for them. They’re not going to be productive here at work if they’re thinking, ‘Man, I wish I was at that game.’ If their kid has a game or a dance recital, I need them to be involved in that.”

Although Vrabel wants to win a Super Bowl badly enough that he’d prevent himself from having any more children if it would ensure a title, he recognizes the importance of coaches being there for their kids.

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